Stake with Sui Wallet

How to Stake SUI to Earn Rewards

Staking SUI to Earn Rewards

Staking your SUI tokens is a great way to earn rewards while contributing to the security of the network. By staking, you delegate your SUI to a validator, who then compensates you for your contribution.

To Stake SUI:

  1. Access the Staking Feature:
    • Open your wallet and navigate to the "Home" tab.
    • Select "Stake & Earn SUI."
  2. Choose a Validator:
    • Pick a validator you wish to stake with and click "Select Amount."
  3. Stake Your SUI:
    • Enter the amount of SUI you want to stake. Ensure you leave enough SUI in your wallet to cover any potential gas fees.
    • Confirm by clicking "Stake Now."
  4. Transaction Confirmation:
    • Review the transaction details, then click the check mark to confirm and close the prompt.
    • Close the "Stake & Earn SUI" page by clicking the "X."

After staking, your rewards will start accruing in the next epoch, displayed within your wallet.

Viewing Current Stake

To see details about your current stakes:

  1. Go to the "Home" tab and select "Currently Staked."
  2. Here, you’ll find information about the amount staked, chosen validator, earnings thus far, and the validator commission.

Withdrawing Your Staked SUI

Withdraw your staked SUI whenever you prefer, whether to stake with another validator for better rewards or to utilize your SUI elsewhere. Withdrawals end your stake immediately and rewards are distributed at the epoch's end.

Note: Stakes not yet earning rewards cannot be withdrawn. Withdrawal requests can be made once the stake is active after the next epoch begins.

To withdraw:

  1. Access Your Stake:
    • Under the "Coins" tab, select "Currently Staked."
  2. Initiate Withdrawal:
    • Choose the validator from whom you want to withdraw your stake.
    • Click "Unstake SUI" followed by "Unstake Now."
  3. Confirm the Transaction:
    • After confirmation, close the transaction page and the Staking page to return to the "Coins" tab.