Sui Wallet Playground

Explore the Sui Ecosystem

Exploring the Wallet Playground

The Wallet Playground, found on the "Apps" tab, is a feature within the Sui Wallet that allows you to discover and interact with various apps that support Sui Wallet. These apps enable you to use SUI tokens for transactions, acquire NFTs, and more, directly through your connected wallet.

How to Access and Use Apps in the Playground:

  1. Navigate to Apps:
    • Open your wallet and click on the "Apps" tab. Here, you'll initially see the Playground view.
  2. Explore and Connect to Apps:
    • Browse through the apps listed in the Playground. Click on an app to visit its website and follow the instructions provided to connect your Sui Wallet.
    • Once connected, the app will appear on your "Active Connections" page, indicating a successful link.

Viewing Connected Apps

To keep track of which apps you've connected your Sui Wallet to:

  1. Access Active Connections:
    • Within the "Apps" tab, switch to the "Active Connections" view to see all apps currently connected to your wallet.
  2. Visit App Sites:
    • To open the website associated with a connected app, click on the app's listing followed by "View."

Disconnecting from an App

You can easily disconnect your wallet from a connected app.

  1. Open Active Connections:
    • Go to the "Apps" tab and select "Active Connections."
  2. Disconnect from App:
    • Find the app you wish to disconnect from and click on it, then select "Disconnect."
    • Your wallet will immediately sever the connection with the app, and you'll be redirected back to the Apps tab.